Tea Break

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For some people a tea break is a good excuse to skive a few minutes away from their desk and possibly avoid a phone call or two. For me it’s a time to lose myself in my thoughts, as well as consuming a refreshing beverage...

New ideas do not come to me with ease as they may do for other designers. I find it difficult to simply pick up a pencil and start sketching various layouts, icons and images.

Kettle on.

Cup of tea in hand the thought process begins. Those around me can most definitely see the cogs turning. Now this may take 5 minutes or 5 cups, hence my nick name Ms Teapot, but eventually the sparks of a design start to come to mind.

Quickly grabbing my trusty iPad I transfer my thoughts out of my head and place them in front of me.

Thank God for iMockups.

Hello world, stick the kettle on!