A Website Is an Investment

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I may be guilty of letting my room get slightly messy from time to time. I know it’s normally about time to tidy up when what used to be my chair turns into a large pile of clothes.

Today I saw clutter in a new light.

I paid a visit to the site of a company I know, I have done business with them before so I know firsthand that they are good at what they do. However their website leads a potential customer down a route of complete frustration and confusion.

On arrival at their home page I am greeted by a low quality image header, an unflattering colour scheme and worst of all, a ridiculous amount of images, slideshows, visitor counts, update information and an essay of text in a font size that is far too small even for Tom Thumb to read.

I want to say that I was like a kid in a sweet shop but in light of this experience, a kid lost in London city centre feels more appropriate. I honestly didn’t know where to look.

If you own and run your own business, you probably take great pride in it. So why take no pride in your website? After all isn’t this an extension of your business, an asset?

Why is it acceptable to give your customers such a poor experience? If this is due to financial issues, is no website better than a bad website?