Cost vs Quality

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I had a fantastic idea, to get my business card printed on a phone cover.

Ok so it’s not breaking news but I always have my phone with me but often forget to take a card or two. My thought was that I could either keep a card in the back or people could snap a quick pic of my info with their phones...

As it wasn’t a necessity, I shopped around for a reasonably low price. Feeling very smug with my £11 order (including postage, oh yea), I looked forward to receiving my order.

On it’s arrival I opened the package with high expectations, only to feel rather deflated by the unfortunate quality of the case. Not only did the colours of my design not match, it also wasn’t printed directly onto the case as I expected. Instead my design was printed off seperately and placed under another piece of clear plastic, which made the back of the case stick out and the phone feel thicker.

Feeling annoyed at myself for taking the cheap route, I took to the web to source a more professional company. I ended up creating an insert case on PhotoBox, costing over double what I originally paid.

Opening the new package revealed a quality streamline product that presented my business in a much more professional manner.

We all try and find the best price for a product, but we should always keep quality in mind, especially for businesses. I know I will certainly think twice before judging something as expensive again.