I am not a we

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A few months ago I went through the lengthy process of redesigning my website and writing my terms and conditions.

During this exercise I started referring to myself/Real Owl as we rather than I, thinking it sounded more professional...

It wasn’t until I was in a meeting with a potential new client that I realised, they didn’t know Real Owl was just me. The reason they took an interest in Real Owl was because “we” are a small company. All that time thinking I was being more professional, in actual fact I was hiding what I really am.

I am the:

Tea Maker
And that occasional skiver

When you work with Real Owl, you work with one person. One person who knows you and your company from start to finish and wants to be there for the whole journey. In my opinion, that’s something to be proud of.

Real Owl is me, I am Steph Martin.

It’s nice to meet you.