My life’s lessons to date

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1. Always keep an empty glass in your room for that midnight spider attack.

2. Facebook tries too hard...

3. A friendship that drains you mentally & emotionally simply isn’t sustainable.

4. A cup of tea is a suitable accompaniment for almost every emotion.

5. James Martin is my hero, closely followed by Ethan Marcotte and Baby Monkey.

6. I will always have questions.

7. In Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habbit she suggests writing down your fears to help conquer them. On that note…

8. My fears are that my work will never be good enough, I don’t have as much knowledge as I should and that I won’t be given the chance to prove myself. Again on that note…

9. Never sell yourself short.

10. And finally, life will always be confusing. So just crack on.