365 Photos a Year

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During the first year of owning my very own digital SLR camera, I took thousands of photos.

Unfortunately, on review of my masterpieces, I realised most of my pictures were of very similar subjects and taken from similar perspectives.

One day, whilst in the middle of coders block, I decided to climb out of my designers rut and do something new.

One photo, each day, for one year

The start was easy, I was driven by enthusiasm and fresh ideas. I set a daily reminder on my phone grabbed the nearest camera and rushed off with great delight.

Of course, as time went by that daily alarm would sound; I'd sigh and wish I'd never started the whole debacle.

In case you're wondering, I gritted my teeth and stuck to it till the end! Who knew completing one small task everyday would be such a commitment.

The most interesting result of this project; I took the best shots after heaving those big uncreative sighs.